Camp Helping Hands

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2019 Summer dates:

July 1st to July 26th (July 4th is a holiday)


July 29th to August 23rd

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Camp Helping Hands 2019 Brochure

Helping Hands House Brochure

At Camp Helping Hands we have had children with hemiplegia come from around the world for our summer program. We run the program in a group, as a camp, so it can actually be a FUN experience. Kids seeing other kids with similar issues is often a unifying experience and can be more motivating to participate in therapeutic activities than individual therapy experiences. Wearing a cast for 6 hours a day isn’t a battle because all of the other kids are doing it . . . it is just what you do.

The program is staffed as follows:

  • Director (OT)
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Therapist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Level 2 OT Interns
  • Speech student externs
  • 1st year OT students
  • Volunteers


This level of staffing enables us to have a 2:1 ratio (2 children to each staff person). This ratio also lets us work on the child’s individual goals within the context of the group. We do NOT utilize a cookie cutter approach. Every child’s goals are specific to their level of functioning and ability.

We are now providing full-time speech and physical therapy at our new therapy center located in West Caldwell, NJ! This allows us to fully-integrate those services into our traditional Camp Helping Hands (CHH) model, and help maximize camp time to address as many of your child’s therapy needs. Our speech and physical therapists will also serve as additional resources for our families during their time at CHH.

We will be offering the following program tiers:

Tier 1: Occupational Therapy

Our “traditional” Camp Helping Hands experience.

Tier 2: Two services

OT + Speech



Tier 3: All 3 therapy services


Academic instruction will continue to be an “add-in” service of 3 times per week.

Camp Helping Hands uses carefully designed activities to drive therapeutic gains. For parents who choose to combine disciplines, activities specifically designed to integrate 1, 2 or 3 therapy services will be built in to the camp day. The exciting part of this unique integration of OT, PT and speech goals within a single activity allows a child a full-body, “real world” experience. For example, if balloon volleyball is the camp activity, OT, PT and speech goals can all be met through the strategic emphasis and sequencing of jumping, running, hitting a balloon back and forth, as well as verbal communication with peers. Therapists will seamlessly collaborate to create these ideal therapeutic scenarios and help maximize each moment of the camp day.

We will continue to offer optional additional services:

*Academic Instruction

*24/7 Casting Program

*Individual Speech/PT (see below for additional information)

Academic Instruction

Provided by Steps to Success Tutors. They use brain-based and hands-on learning strategies to help children maintain and make progress academically.

24/7 Casting Program

Your child will wear a non-removable cast for the 1st two weeks (the cast will be changed after the 1st week). After the completion of the second week, a removable cast will be provided. Your child will participate in all activities of the traditional camp.

Additionally, since Camp Helping Hands occurs in July and August, many parents do not send their child to the extended school year in their school district, and consequently miss out on. We believe this new, close integration of speech and PT services will allow our families a more robust program to truly meet ALL IEP goals.

Parent’s are interviewed prior to the camp to gather up-to-date information about your child’s goals for OT, along with PT and Speech goals, if applicable. We use an assessment tool that helps prioritize the child’s goals, helps establish functional goals and truly creates a system for the parent’s to be involved in the process. We welcome information from other therapists, schools, doctors, etc. so we can truly work on the goals you want. We will also conduct an interview on the last day to get a parent’s perception of how your child did during the camp.

We also have weekly education sessions for the parents during the camp, so questions can be answered and information about activities and treatment can be conveyed.

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