Programs and Therapy Services

Individual Therapy Services

Our qualified pediatric therapists provide individual occupational and speech therapy evaluations and treatment.

Additionally, we provide physical therapy services at our West Caldwell location in partnership with qualified pediatric physical therapists from Next Step Pediatric Therapy.

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Group Therapy Services (OT & Speech)

At Intensive Therapeutics, an occupational therapist AND a speech language pathologist can address individual goals within the context of a group.

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Helping Hands

Children with hemiplegia, due to pediatric stroke, cerebral palsy or traumatic brain injury come from around the world for our Helping Hands programs. We have several different programs based on age, time of year, availability and costs. Many programs are run in a group, so it can actually be a FUN experience. Kids seeing other kids with similar issues is often a unifying and motivating experience.

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Camp Leaps and Bounds

Camp Leaps and Bounds is a 4-week, intensive occupational therapy program. During the summer, many parents do not have many choices to help progress and/or maintain their child’s academic, physical and speech therapy goals they have in school. Consequently they miss out on these needed services as well as a structured program when there is no school.

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IT Works!

IT Works! is a prevocational training program AND independent living skills program led by an occupational therapist and speech language pathologist. Group members (14+) will explore and develop various skills necessary for job success. 

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Additional Programs

In addition to our individual/group therapy services and prevocational program, we offer community-based services such as sports, recreational, and school-based programs.