Leaps & Bounds

Camp Leaps and Bounds Summer Brochure 2016

Camp Leaps and Bounds Summer 2016 Options

An intensive occupational therapy program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or sensory-motor issues who exhibit limitations in:

  • Play
  • Social Skills
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • School


  • Sensory processing disorder
  • Auditory processing delays
  • Perceptual motor problems
  • Low muscle tone
  • Motor planning problems
  • Visual processing problems
  • Fine motor/gross motor issues

Camp Leaps and Bounds is an intensive occupational therapy program. Since it occurs in August…many parents do not have many choices to help progress and/or maintain their child’s academic, physical and speech therapy goals they have in school.

Consequently they miss out on these needed services as well as a structured program when there is no school.

During our 4-Week Summer Camp in August, we are offering similar services, which your child may receive throughout the school year. Based on suggestions that parents have made, we are offering additional therapy services within the context of Camp Leaps and Bounds. The additional therapy services are options to enhance your child’s camp experience.

If you would not like any additional options for your child, “traditional” Camp Leaps and Bounds will remain exclusively an occupational therapy program as in previous years.

If you choose any of the following options, we will obtain your child’s IEP, and/or any other documents and goals that may be helpful. We will meet with parents and collaborate to discuss progress and provide suggestions, and conclude with a recommendation/report for your child.

Academic Instruction is provided by Steps to Success Tutors. They use brain-based and hands-on learning strategies to help children maintain and make progress academically. Each tutor has over 5 years of experience tutoring students with autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder and/or behavioral challenges. There is an option for academic instruction to be provided during camp and/or individual instruction after camp. Academic instruction will be provided for 3 hours per week.

Speech Therapy is available for your child within the context of the Camp Leaps and Bounds groups. Speech therapy will be provided for 1 hour, 1 day per week in a group.

Physical Therapy is available for your child within the context of Camp Leaps and Bounds. Physical Therapy will be provided for 1 hour, 1 day per week in a group.

Camp Leaps and Bounds Brochure Summer 2016

Camp Leaps and Bounds Summer 2016 Options

Camp Leaps and Bounds Registration Form

Privacy is very important to us. No information sent to Intensive Therapeutics will in any way be distributed or shared without your acknowledgement and consent.

Instructions to complete registration forms:

  1. Complete the Contact/Medical Information form below and click the send button.
  2. Print out the following two forms:
    a. Consent to Attend form 
    b. Video Permission form 
  3. Complete and sign these 2 forms and mail them to:
    Intensive Therapeutics, Inc.
    274 South Avenue
    Fanwood, NJ 07023
  4. Both forms must be completed, signed and the originals received at least one month before the start date of camp.

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